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About Us

Z. Cavaricci launched in 1982 by Jim Cavaricci, an iconic, Italian-inspired lifestyle collection with its roots in Los Angeles, CA.

In 1987 the Z. Cavaricci Cateye pant made its debut, and within just a few months gained an extraordinary following. It soon became the most sought-after pant of the decade.

The Cateye became popular due to its high waist, pleated and tapered bottom, creating a unique silhouette that offered something fresh and new, pushing the boundaries of fashion.

The hip New York and Los Angeles club crowd were the first to adopt the look, and as the trend grew, it appeared on streets and dance-floors as a ‘must-have’ beacon of aspirational style. Pop stars followed suit, coveting the style in music videos and magazine shoots, resulting in it becoming one of the hottest trends of the 80’s and early 90’s.

By 1988, the pant was selling wildly across the U.S., with retailers struggling to keep up with demand as style-savvy men and women embraced the look. It was expensive but “That little white tab on the front of the fly meant you were hip” Complex Magazine

The Cateye now sits amongst a tiny elite group of fashion garments that can genuinely be described as ‘iconic’.

Celebrating its 30th anniversary this year – the Z. Cavaricci Cateye pant is back after a three-decade hiatus. The return is timely, with the Z look being ubiquitous on fashion week runways across the world.


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